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Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Maybe I should go and create a "shota" villain to counteract the massive flood of loli antagonists, then

Spoiler for short description of the shota villain:
Ooh. How old is he in StrikerS? If his age is 10 years after, I certainly see some sniper action with Teresa VS Takeru.
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
you do know messing with a Chronomancer and the reincarnation of Arthur is a complete no-no, don't you?
Knowing her, she'll beat it if she thinks a battle would be too hard and leaves Kha to clean up.
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Nakamura Hiro? What's this? The time-travelling Japanese is finally featured in Nanoha Universe?
I wonder how much a coincidence was this, cos Nankamura is a common Jap family name in Tokyo, and Hiro was a joke that even I use when creating "heroic personality" -the self-sacrificing tendency with a great destiny yada yada- chars. But... Opens up possibilities here.

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Spoiler for snip:

Any comments are welcome, as always. Hope you like it!
Ooh yeah that sooo gave me an idea about how to bring them into the story, by implementing them directly into the foreshadowed Old Velka Radicals arc.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Part 3.35 IS HERE. 3.35 since this and the next is technically a Signum/Isdera side-story, along with Saga and Reinforce thrown into the mix a little, only for a later involvement.

Spoiler for Part 3.35 : Wind and Fire:

The next part or 2 should cover Signum vs Isdera II, and the first meeting between Saga and Reinforce. :3
Winner lines mon! Let's see what happens next!!!

Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
Well, this is my attempt at creating an original character. I hope I didn't make him overpowered.

Spoiler for Character - Tais Scien:

Comments please.

P.S this is what I have thought up atm. what can I do to improve this or should i just scrapped this entirely?
P.P.S I'm still in the process of reading through the earlier posts and might not reply so fast.
Hmmmmmm... Something here reminds me of the generic dense brave and utterly clueless male heroes anime has sometimes, but then I saw EVA!!!!!! (mecha-fanboyism)

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
... I'm think the TSAB would like to have a word with that guy for apparent TIME PARADOX

The Nagato name alone already gets my seal of approval I'm wondering... why "headless"? It's apparent that she has eyes and hair... unless CC's propaganda has really skewed everyone's vision of her

If she manifests herself as a Linker Core though... does that mean that you can somehow... "transplant" her into a mage or something?

And... G.I. Joh?
I'd like to see them even grab him.

She's headless because she has no material form. The "head" descriptions were meant for her avatar when someone plugs into Zaku 1-3, or Nagato downloads herself into the Silvana systems.

Yes you got that right. Now for one more piece of the puzzle...

First half EVA ref, second half lame joke to reflect this guy's taste for humor. Been itching to create a character like this ever since I found Gendou's initials to equal G.I.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Holy ****... None of our characters are gonna stand a chance if Lelouche comes into play as a villain...

Oh wait, we also have Zero here don't we...

By S*******, this is going to turn into Death Note-level brain battles if that happens!

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
More power armor users, this time based on the EVA F Type? (At least, that's my impression of it). And...

*tries to stop smirking*

Trap... Tank... and... Spank... with tentacles...

*has great difficulty typing reply*

You are pure gold already

Also, points for him having a crush on Ginga (it's another matter if he gets familiar with her )
Why do I envision Ginga enmeshed in tentacles while--

(Runs faster than Keroko. AND Subaru.)
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Alright... Part III is taking longer than I originally expected, might take me the week to finish it due to its length. But what the hell.

In the meantime, I updated Epilogue Part 2 with another snippet, so as to finalize most of the character interactions and make way for the imposition fest that is Part III.

Also... a surprise character makes his appearance here. Hope you don't mind Kha
Ah I knew Artei loves coming in sword swinging, but picking this fight is borderline ridiculous even for him.

More is revealed! I wonder how much we are going to get out of Epilogue III is the investigator is there.


Artei: Isashiburi, Oba-san. = Spot-On Winner!

I dun think you need to wait for me to finish Yuuno's interaction (which has been sorely delayed...).

---New intelligience data updated---

Using prose now to introduce another villian, this time one who isn't very powerful in person, but uses political power to crush his opponents.

Any resemblance to any person alive or lurking in this forum is completely coincidental.

Here goes:
Spoiler for Negotiations:

Erio, what do you think? Is Scaggy going to turn him down? I'll think of another way to bring the girls in if my characterisation is wrong. No worries about that.
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