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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
---New intelligience data updated---

Using prose now to introduce another villian, this time one who isn't very powerful in person, but uses political power to crush his opponents.

Any resemblance to any person alive or lurking in this forum is completely coincidental.

Here goes:
Spoiler for Negotiations:

Erio, what do you think? Is Scaggy going to turn him down? I'll think of another way to bring the girls in if my characterisation is wrong. No worries about that.
I liked it, the influx of villains in the thread is refreshing. And Scaglietti keeps to seem less evil with all the latest additions, is he really?


Writing Serge's history from his point of view is tiring. Decided to do it backwards - from the events closest to StrikerS first and later further into past. Here's Chapter 1, Act I:

Spoiler for Dance of the Demons - Act I:

Links for the further parts:

Act II, Act III, Act IV, Act V, Act VI.1, Act VI.2, part VI.3, part VI.4, part VI.5

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