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Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
2) One person to keep trace of the references, willing to list them and to keep the list updated. The post would be located at the beginning at the thread as well, to be easily seen.
I think that this could possibly be the better end of "how to do it"... although it'd require some more commitment as well as time to do... at least Episode 06 was full of references, as well as Episode 05 (the MMORPG references went deep and long). And no, I'm not forgetting about the other ones .

A good start, in my humble opinion, would be the usage of Suzuki Shuuta's quiz blog (clicky) to bring out the most easily spottable ones (more or less, that is...) and then add more if they seem reasonable.

On the other hand the first post'll go pretty long then, as it was not exactly something small when I tried to write out the references for Episode 06 (clicky). It's not that long when it's just about one Episode, but there'll be 24 of them...

In other words, it'd not be a thread that'd be easy to sort and keep clean. But it'd be nice to have.
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