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Cultural References in Lucky Star

I think that each one of us following this show will agree that references are definitely a key element in Lucky Star. Being them a quote from a different series, a citation from a tv spot, a joke about the anime business, or simply the depiction of a particular habit of daily life in Japan.

This thread is meant to discuss these subjects in all of their aspects.

On the same time, the objective is that of gathering the references we can get in Lucky Star, in order to create a list including all of them, possibly with explanations, useful links and so on. It's highly possible that a sticky will be created to serve that purpose.

Thread Guidelines:

- Always keep the discussion civil ad be polite with your fellow members.
- Don't go off-topic. This thread is about references, if you need to discuss events from the episodes, you have the episode threads.
- As usual, have fun.
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