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Hallo again!

Today I'm going to show you how to earse text off something. People who have alot of experince just vector. I do it the begginer way and kinda hard with the clone stamp.

I'll be using this picture

Firstly after you've opened it. zoom in twice where the text is. Next you should select the eraser tool * make sure it is a bold dark circle* and erase all the text on the image. Now after you've done that select the clone stamp tool and press alt+click *click with your mouse of course* and select an area that is close to were the text was.

Contuine doing this till every space is fill in. Now there wil lbe spaces were there was text and no lines. You can either do the pen or line tool for this and estimate how long to make it.

Volia here is the *cough* bad result. Sorry about it, doing my French assignment

Again keys aren't working on my keyboard so no screenshots again!


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