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I cant believe I'm having so much fun writing these fanfics. Just a day (and a half I think ) after the last episode was released, here I bring you Episode 03 of my fanfic. Here are the links for Episode 01 and Episode 02, in case you have missed them.

First, though, here's some useless fun facts.

Spoiler for My Character's Appearances!:

Spoiler for Episode 03 - Part 1:

Spoiler for Episode 03 - Part 2:

Spoiler for Episode 03 - Part 3:

I have the feeling I overdid it with the battle... Too long, maybe. Well, you guys tell me. As I read through it all again before posting, I couldnt omit any parts, as there was so much I wanted to say in this episode.

Oh, and Keroko: no, I didnt try to rip Keroko off. I have other ideas for Natalia's powers.

Nope, that's not a D.Gray-man reference. I'd like to see how many people guess the correct reference. (+100 points to them! )

And, yes, this story has now entirely stepped into the fanfic domain, as this would obviously never happen in the anime.

I have a lot of ideas for Episode 04, and I would have loved to finish it tomorrow or the day after, however I will be resuming my vacations around Europe on Tuesday, so I will be gone for 3 weeks. Again I'll miss these boards. I'll probably be able to get on to check the boards every now and then, but only if the hotel has internet.

Anyway, if I get some time I will write the continuation of the story, and post Episode 04: "Rhadamanthys" (working title ) later this week.

Hope you like it, and, as always, any feedback is welcome!

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