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Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post

PS: It would be very useful if Tais gets attacked more often (better chance of getting a buff), so I'm declaring open season on Tais and feel free to blast him when his E.V.A device is activated.

PPS: Use less extreme spells please, I still need him alive and intact.
Isamu:Sir, we've received a request from the Central Science & Development Bureau to test out their new weapon designs a week from now at 0800 hours.

Myristic:Hmm, interesting. The squad does need more practice at working together. Who's operating the weapon?

Isamu: Umm, Tais Scien, sir. D+ rank.

Myristic: D+ rank! Even one of you would be able to take him out. How can I make this more interesting. (Flips thorugh mission scenarios) Ahh here we go, we'll turn it into a hostage situation.

Remember, we have to make sure that both the hostage and the captor remain in one piece. Admin doesn't like it when we bring back a corpse.. stupid paperwork.

Hostage, hostage..... who do we know that won't mind helping out for an hour or two.

Isamu: If I may sir, we've been co-operating with the 108th recently to cut down on smuggling. Should we ask them?

Myristic: Excellent idea, I'll ask them right away.

Major, sorry for the interuption but could we borrow one of your staff members for an exercise next week at 0800 hours.

Genya: 0800 hours. We're quite busy next week, but Ginga should be able to make it.

Myristic: My thanks. We look forward to seeing her next week then.

The stage is set for even more Tais and Ginga interaction.

Did you want to write about what happens tshouryuu or am I allowed to do that
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