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This is pretty cool, absolutely mind-boggling to look at those long reference lists. There are a few more which I know but not mentioned yet and some I feel are missing some interesting details. And anyone who spot errors please correct me so as not to spread wrong information.

Spoiler for ep 2 - Koi no Apron:

Spoiler for ep 2 - man who balances a red wash basin on his head:

Spoiler for ep 3 - Ladybug Samba:

Spoiler for ep 4 - figurines on Konata's computer:

Spoiler for ep 4 - Kanisawa Kinu:

Spoiler for ep6 - Initial D:

I recall more references some of which kj1980 mentioned in the ep threads, MakubeX2 also mentioned a few including the Ponytail references and one of a game poster, someone noticed that Kagami was reading Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, Kaoru Chujo verified that the smoking middle age man is Ishihara Tetsuya, and Level E has a very good list on his forum. Seriously there are a lot of references!
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