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Mai HiME Unmei no Keitouju

Has anyone played it? It's a visual novel, and it cotains a lot of information that the anime/manga did not include. Really recommend it.
And if you can read Chinese, the Chinese patch is here:
(100% Chinesefied...)

FAQ by IchKyo here:

(you can also get help here if you don't have the game)

Characters you can go after:
Mai (obviously)

Natsuki (best ending in the game!)

Miyu (yup, she became a HiME. and much more information between her and Alysia)

Mikoto (worst choice out there, there's another loli for you lolicon out there namely...)

Sakuya (new character, and damn she is so cute that even I want to hug her!)

Nao (...)
Midori (......)

And we also have side stories for the following characters:
Homura Nagi (yeah!)

Alysia Glear

Upon completing the game in general, you will get an interview of the voice actress of each character. (oh yes this game is dubbed, and you can choose ANY of main cast to be the system voice)


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