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Frame Capture Guide

Media Player Classic


Can capture image frame from fansubs.
Should function for those using only ffdshow.
It can be more precise than BSPlayer.


Can capture only one frame at a time.
Is slightly buggy.


1: Create a new folder to a subdirectory for later use.

2: Open video file and then seek to just before the location of the desired frame/s and pause video.

3: Using the Framestep and Framestep Back keys, (Right & Left arrow keys by default) seek to the first desired frame that you want to capture.

4: Then on the above menu, click on File and then click on Save Image... \ The "Save As" tree should then appear allowing you to save the image as a BMP file. Save the file in the new folder that you had created in step 1,.. or if desired, choose any known location to save the file.
(SAVE AS "snapshot". DO NOT save under a different name other than the default name! It will be explained at a later step in this guide.)

5: At this point, you can now seek to the next frame using the Framestep key (Right arrow by default).

[Tip: If the following frame looks exactly or is the same as the previous frame, skip over it until you notice a cell change/movement. Yet be sure to give added delay time in that animated GIF for that look alike frame, as to simulate more than one frame. This will help you cut down in total file size.]

6: Repeat step 4, BUT there seems to be a bug at this point. Anything other than the name "snapshot" will be given a faulty or no file extension,.. well, for me anyway.

Options are:
A: Save the image to another directory where there is no "snapshot.bmp" file already located. [Very messy.]
B: Save with different name and manually rename the file extension.
C: Save with different name and use a program such as IrfanView to automatically rename the file extension.
D: Rename previously saved "snapshot.bmp" file that is already located in the file directory to something such as "xxxx.bmp" and then save following file as "snapshot". Then repeating renaming process for every other desired frame capture.

7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 for every other desired frame.
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