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Kha's investigation continues...

Back at the 21st Trinity Optimus office, that resembled something straight out of a noir film, these files were on Kha's messy table:

Spoiler for Profile #GSD-999 - Thomas Kluize:
Spoiler for Profile #R323-DA - Anna Wayne:
Spoiler for Profile #94930 - Si Fong:
Spoiler for Profile #0290210 - Kirche:
Spoiler for Profile #4535-SDF - Linda Lin:

The one currently open is an impressive schematic blueprint of the Riviera AKA "The Flying Dutchman"
Spoiler for LCAM-999-12/AX Seraph-class "Riviera":

Kha went over the details once again in his head. Artei found Yuuno, and through him found Kay and brought her to the now destroyed "Hand of Danaan" Barracks. Sophia had successfully located Aurion and was now dragging him to his home to run tests on the captured mechanical specimen. Allison's on her way back to the office after spending some time with Fate and was bringing some food with her.(Yes that bit has been changed Fuyu)Keroko remained at the Riot 6 base to keep the Aces company after this "Castor" person appeared and spooked Hayate out.

He looked back at the desk.

Kluize... Of all times, why now... Help us instead of hindering us for once please...

There was still one question to be answered, but that had to wait till Sophia returned. And so the Cleric kicked back in his armchair and looked out the window.

It's raining bullets again...


Boy did that feel like Dick Tracey. References and haxx0r characters + battleship galore! It's meant to foreshadow the truth of Caster, and it's got to do with Hayate's wish, Reinforce's deeds, the God Empress and Thomas Kluize t3h H4xx0r from another dimension. ...

And only now can I say, BLUECHEESIUM Alart! Otherwise it would destroy the flow up there.
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