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Other than being the funniest episode of the series so far (perhaps because Rin is my second favorite character after Suzu?), ep.9 managed to provide a lot of gifs moments

From the super cute Rin...

... to the lovely blinking Suzu

Although this episode has a winner. Mikoto put together such a number of faces that a common delinquent should just turn pale and learn, in front of her.

The series has gotten better lately. While at the beginning (except episode 1), I kept falling asleep during the episodes, lately this isn't happening anymore. As comic relief of the season this is certainly a fine and colorful choice. I'm glad I didn't drop it. Also, as mentioned, it's nice to see the first character development in Suzu. She's so sweet, and while the direction is predictable, it'll be definitely interesting to see how her feelings for Ikuto will develop.
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