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the OP for 宇宙鉄人キョーダイン (Uchu Tetsujin Kyoudain). Lucky Star #1 ED.

Hearing this it appears Konata did a pretty decent job. I have not seen this show, all I know that it was created by one of the most famous manga-ka ever, Ishinomori Shotarou, who drew Cyborg 009 and also created the grand daddy of all tokusatsu shows, Kamen Rider. Kyodain is one of the many tokusatsu show Ishinomori created, including Akumaizer 3. I thought Akumaizer was more popular than Kyodain but I guess KyoAni guys think otherwise... maybe they're just showing off their tokusatsu otaku power.

Speaing of which... here's the Akumaizer 3 OP sang by the original singer, Lucky Star #2 ED.

I can't find original OP clip, but here's some clips showing the awesomeness that is Akumaizer 3. It's one of the shows that's so bad it's awesome. Once you've seen their head-gears you just can't never forget it.

Konata is just so totally dude.

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