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木枯らしに抱かれて (Kogarashi ni Dakarete) by 小泉今日子 (Koizumi Kyouko). Lucky Star #9 ED.

One of her biggest hits (she's no one hit wonder). Anyone grew up in the 80's JPOP culture knows her intimately... she's as big as Matsuda Seiko but with a cleaner reputation. She is still active today, doing commercials and occasional concert/singles. She has been divorced from her actor ex-hubby for a few years now and was even rumored to be with KAT-TUN's super-white hot Kamenashi. At 41 she's still smoking hot, so who can blame the guy.

As a child of the 80's KyonKyon was one of my favorite celebrity; she's always the perfect girl for so many young dudes back then. I had a chance to meet her but never did. Boy this song brings back a lot of memories. I'm quite shocked when they choose this song since it was so mainstream and non-otaku. But back then, everyone was otaku for KyonKyon. Was there any anime/otaku link to this song other than Lucky Star?

Here's a PV of a cover version by girl idol group SpingS. I'm old school so I think the original is better. Plus none of them are as cute as KyonKyon was in her prime.

EDIT: Concert version of the same song, and a Medley of most of KyonKyon's old hits.

EDIT 2: Lucky Star got me all nostagic.. here's a bonus 80's JPOP - the #1 single of 1984, Nakamori Akina's 十戒 (Jikkai, or 10 commandments). I must heard my sister sang this song in her room more than a thousand times.

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