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Anime Signature Request Thread [READ GUIDELINES]

Please adhere to the rules.
  1. Only ask for Signatures & Combos that abide by the AnimeSuki Rules

    Please be aware of the size limitations as outlined in the forum rules. Signatures must not be larger than 600 (width) x 160 (lenght) pixels and 100 KiB (102,400 bytes). Do NOT ask for Signature images for use on forums other than AnimeSuki in this thread.

    1.1 By Combos, it is meant when you provide an image requesting a signature and an avatar matching it. While we do have an avatar request thread, it is suggested to post Combo Requests here (rather than posting the sign request here and the avatar request there), in order to generate less post and keeping things sorted out better.

  2. Be Patient and use Common Sense

    Don't be impatient so don't keep asking for your signature, you will get it when you get it
    If you want it sooner then go make it yourself. People are creating avatars & signatures on their on free time and as a favor to everyone.

    2.1 Do not "bump" your requests. "Bumping" means to repeat a request in order to bring it back on the top of the thread, because it hasn't been fulfilled yet. Signature makers are not blind and your request has certainly been seen. Its fulfillment depends on various factors, such as having the source available, having enough free time and so on. You even have to take into account that your request might not get fulfilled.

  3. Please supply artwork when requesting a Signature image

    Your request for a Signature image will go a lot faster and stands a better chance of being fulfilled if you supply artwork (images off the Internet, screen captures from a show, illustrations, etc.). Even a link to the piece of art/image that you want is better than nothing.

  4. Series with their own Sub Forums

    Be aware that most of the popular series do have their own sub forum on AnimeSuki. Since almost every sub forums have an avatar/signature request thread, please post your request there. Examples of famous series with their own sub forums are Bleach and Naruto.

    Older Series : A list of the Sub Forums for the older series.

    Current Series: A list of the Sub Forums for the current (ongoing) series.

    This thread is mainly meant to provide help with all the series that didn't manage to get a sub forum (hence a dedicated request thread) on their own. Posting requests from the other series will only increase the traffic and slow down the working process.

  5. Don't ask what software was used to create Signatures

    This isn't the thread to discuss software. You'll find graphic "Tips & Techniques" in this thread: Sig/Avatar tutorials by the makers. The three most common software packages used to create Signatures are:

    - Adobe PhotoShop
    - GIMP (free alternative to PhotoShop)
    - Paint.Net (free alternative to PhotoShop)

  6. Have fun.

If you do not follow by these rules, you will be ignored or your post deleted.

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