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Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
I love to see what SaHa's stand on their mistranslation is now that we prove that their release are sloppy chop shop works that mangle the original meanings

If they have pride in their work, they would put their releases on hold and do a re-interpretation, re-translation and re-release of previous chapters instead of pushing out more.

If they persist, than we know where their agenda with this release lies, banking on fame and glory with the hype of this title getting canned in the states.
SaHa has no such agenda with this title. They are a commission based translation group that mainly does doujins. They aren't releasing it to get fame or anything else.

Just look on the bright side, everyone will delete the lousy 'speed scans' that I've commissioned when your high quality (and hopefully perfectly translated) ones come out and replace it with yours.
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