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My very favourite one: when doing "some solo hunting, just 30 minutes", Kona-chan gains the Levantine sword: this must be a reference to Mahou Shouju Lyrical Nanoha A's and StrikerS series where one of the characters, Signum, uses as her weapon the "fierry, demonic sword, Levantine"
Actually the Lævateinn is a reference to the new Armslave ARX-8 (codename: Lævateinn) which makes is Sousuke's new Armslave in the light novel Full Metal Panic Tsudou Make My Day.

The script of Lucky Star Episode 5 was guest written by Gatoh Shoji who is the author of the "Full Metal Panic" light novels. He and director Takemoto Yasuhiro are great friends whose friendship began when Kyoto Animation did "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu." Gatoh has written the script as a guest for Kyo-Ani previously, notably the "Day of Sagittarius" episode of Haruhi (Specific phrases that are used in Armslaves such as ECCM and bilaterals are said in that episode).

Gatoh is also known to be an avid player of MMORPGs. His handle name can also be seen in the episode as one of Konata's online friends.

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