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Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
And here we go~

Spoiler for Off-guard:

Well, I guess some of you know what happens after this huh?
You know, she could just fry him. Signum, Teana, Vita all got away with murder, especially with regards to one incorrigible heli pilot.

Short simple sweet and hilarious, the sketch just hammering home t3h punchline. Man I like ur series so much, I'm tempted to give it an OP too. True My Heart anyone?
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
So... despite not being entirely finished with Glock, I'm already thinking up of a third character already And nope, they won't have profiles as extensive as Glock's

Here's a preview image of upcoming chara:

Spoiler for Device:
Big Girl. Simple:

Spoiler for The Truth is IN HERE!!!:
Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
In the same universe, yet a different time phase. I can live with that. The later, the better. So this will be a bit around later but still within the time Rein1 is still haxxed by Anna and still has no memories of her time with Hayate, correct. Hehe. Excellent. And with the involvement of Saga, Kha, Keroko(hopefully), Hikki, Serge and some others, we're in for quite a campaign. The Einsts would be a good fit here, don't you think? Thanks, Kha. By the way, does this Reinforce (haxxed) possess emotions?
Same universe, around the same time, but different place, if that's what you mean, correct.

Actually, Anna's R1 has memories of Hayate, being a complete summon of the original but due to it running completely on mana, she cannot remain material indefinitely. As such, R1 also has emotions, and a purpose, though Anna calls her Caster, and by her supposed real name Reinforce. I'm not too sure to let this R1 have memories of her original self Tiara who appears in Nighty's works, cos for one I'm not sure if they are really related, or that R1 was a "digital copy" of Tiara.

Sophia's R1, her trump with a so-so summoning rate, is the more permanent one, but this R1 is without memories, for it is just a summoning of the Tome that resides in the Imperium Vault of Her Holiness eons ago.
Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post

I'll be staying away from the battleground of those two veterans.
Clash of the Titans...
need inspiration first. I'm tired.

@Nighty: I felt that taunt was a little OOC, but then I realized why. The sly bastard. Time for some soap for episode X? MOAR!!!

---New intelligience data updated---

Since we're on the topic of R1's Come Back, lets take a look at the magic system that made this plausible.
Spoiler for Velka Noble Illusions:
Did someone say blatant ripoff?
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