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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Anyway, in the reins of der Kleriker, I'm pleased to present my own OP for my...

~Chronicles of Ancient Belka : Twilight and Oblivion of the Night Sky~

Alternatively titled, Belka Ataraxia Romance, the Story of Saga and Tiara, etc, if you wish.

Spoiler for OP : endscape by uverworld:

Part 11 is coming soon...hopefully. Ironic how Saturday and Sundays are the times where I can post the least, despite having no classes.

@USB I'm Malaysian too!
Aw... Two souls wrought with agony, lonely hearts finding sudden rapport, and yet they are unable to escape the cruel scissors of the sisters of fate... It conveys a lot of feeling there, and I say it's a perfect fit! Quite a contrast to the poppy light-headed New Velka Chronicles.

Looks like videos are necessary for visualization; I never did that when I first developed this at
Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Spoiler for Part 4.1 : ENDGAME~Eins:

Does it seem to be getting out of hand?
The Light bless his soul...

Though from the looks of the title, she might well be getting ready to blast the horde of Einst behind Aurion.

---New intelligence data updated---

Somebody call... Tyrannid Tsukaima?
Spoiler for Aliens 2:
I hope Mai set up an interesting "Aunt Iggy" service inspired by the Jigoku Tsunshin...

In case you can't tell, Xealot is a Zoat, an extinct genus of the Tyrannid.
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