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セーラー服と機関銃 (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun) by 薬師丸ひろ子 (Yakushimaru Hiroko), Lucky Star #4 ED.

I can't believe there's youtube video for this oldie, but from the added date I'd say its probably Lucky Star related. This is the OP to a very famous satire movie about a high school girl inheriting her dad's yakuza gang. The 70's was filled with Japanese Yakuza films and TV shows, and this movie is a well executed parody of the genre. 2 TV series has been made from it, one as late as last year. When Kotana said she prefer the movie version, she was talking about the original 1981 movie, not the 1982/2006 doramas. When the girls talked about how they've watched the dorama together, they were most likely referring the 2006 version, which I'm currently watching as well. No 17-yrs old girl would prefer the movie over the dorama, thus Kagami calling Konata an Oyaji.

I didn't watch the original movie.... but the theme song everyone knew. Plus I did have a minor crush on the star of movie and the OP singer, Yakushimaru Hiroko. She was one of the more famous idol of the 80's, and her image was also clean and impeccable. She didn't have that many hits but her dorama and movies were very popular. I was both happy and sad when she retired to be married in 1991, but since she married one of my favorite singer/song writer, Tamaki Koji of Anzen Chitai, I didn't feel that bad about it. But of course they divorced and she was semi-active until last year, in which she became a respected character actor. One of the better end for an divorced ex-idoru, I guess.

I'm pretty sure most of the dudes in charge in KyoAni are my age... we're all into the same 80's idols! I guess KyoAni's making 80's cool again... I miss those good ole days. Why is Kagami singing this song? Maybe there are other anime references but those who remembered her Hiro-chan wasn't a cutesy idoru, but rather a straight up, serious type; not overtly mean but her attitude made Hiro-chan a prototype of the Tsundere'ko. Kagami singing her song is rather appropriate.

Another version of this song... this is an earlier recording and more like the Hiro-chan I remembered. This is her singing the same song last year (2006), man she still can sing!

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