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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Actually, the only reason Cass reminded me of Eldar is because of one of her spells (STARCANNON? The most feared Eldar anti-infantry weapon )

At any rate Liingo, show us what you got!
Starcannon hey... Perfect for mowing down all those guys with 3+ saves

Ask and you shall receive..

Spoiler for The final piece of the puzzle...:

I'm not sure exactly what you wanted but here you go. Your welcome to stick her into any AU storylines that you want to.I hope that I don't regret this...

I'll see if I can add more to her later on... Although I'm still trying to get my Spellblades done....

One last thing. Akilae was created using the 3rd edition codex. I'm not too sure if there's been any changes to the list in the 4th ed codex...

Nope I lied, this is the last Just a disclaimer that this isn't really an OC and was heavily based on the 40k universe and that it belongs to Games workshop.
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