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I'm Proud by 華原朋美 (Kahala Tomomi), Lucky Star #10 ED. Performed by Kagami-sama.

3rd single by #2 Komuro Family Member Kahala Tomomi (#1 being Amuro Namie). Released in 1996, the song together with her Single #2, I believe, became her signature work. She was the representative of the Japanese OL's new found self-confidence in the post bubble economy. Although she has idol looks, she was loved more by women than men. Notice in her PVs she rarely shows off her cleavage (she was famous for it) but instead dress like OLs. Like Ayumi of today, she's singing for the girls of her generation. The best part of the Lucky Star parody is when girls in real life do sing this song, they really do break their voice at the exact spot depicted in the ED. Awesome reference.

Some other signature works by Tomo-chan:

I believe, 2nd Single. My personal favorite Tomo-chan song.

Hate Tell A Lie, 6th Single. Karaoke favorite for many girls in the late '90s. And yes that title is in Engrish (Komoru is famous for this, anyone remebers "Body Feels Exit?)

Save Your Dream, 5th Single. Komoru really abused her voice in this one. Fun song to sing in Karaoke. KyoAni really should have picked THIS song for the ED.

Love Brace, 4th single. This is just a short CM featuring the song. Just want to show what Komuro, the God of JPOP, looked like.

Man, any more references like this Lucky Star is going to become my favorite anime ever.

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