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Yes "relentlessflame" you are right about the main CG artist for Gift, but CG artist and conceptual artist are different. Gift characters (Some arnt) are of Naru Nanao's work, Mitha as you said, worked on Naru's designed to adapt for the game etc.
Oh interesting. Do you have a reference for that? Not that it's to be trusted, but the Japanese Wikipedia doesn't have her listed anywhere, only Mitha as the main character designer (along with other people for chibi and sub-character designers). If there's a source, perhaps they could be directed to correct the article. I know that Naru Nanao did some guest art for Gift, but I didn't know she worked on the concepts.

Originally Posted by plmko View Post
never heard anything about the movie probably concentrating too much on the old D.C. stuff to notice the new stuff please post some links and stuff. Quite interested because you mentioned.
So far, it was just a mention from tororo in last month's issue of Comptiq, where he said that they intended to work with Starchild on a D.C. II movie, and an original production. I imagine the details will firm up in time.

And in other news (not directed to anyone in particular), I don't think I'll ever understand what would possess someone to watch and post about a show they plainly dislike. I understand even less, though, when people attribute that dislike to "unarguable objective fact", insulting the intelligence and discretion those who do like the show in the process. It displays a remarkable degree of arrogance that isn't exactly endearing or condusive to being taken seriously. So I'm hoping that, unlike the previous show in this series, the discussion in this thread will be a bit more tolerant and open-minded. Probably a bit much to hope for, I know...
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