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Originally Posted by ipernorris View Post
If you call incest something even between two brothers not related by blood then Da Capo series isn't for you. The cartoons for kids are ethical safe usually so you could try them, I don't know if you like tough!
I could respond if I understood what you were saying; the show isn't about brothers, and I don't even know what is going on in your second sentence.

Originally Posted by Fimbulvetr View Post
I have the privilege of having two sisters too, both younger, and all this incest in anime never creeped me out either. Being the brother of a sister doesn't mean living together with a cute female that just waits for you to sex her when she's finally old enough for it, it's about living with this annoyance from day one until the day either of you leaves the house.. The feelings that develop over time there are very far from romantic. Let me link you to the Westermarck effect for a more scientific view on that.
The article you linked does make sense. Some people just react differently to these types of situations I suppose. The first Da Capo series just bothered me in some way, even though that type of relationship is accepted more in Japan, it doesn't change how I personally react to it. I can usually tolerate cousin relations since I never had any cousins live anywhere near me I suppose heh.

I dunno, it's in the same vein as "little sister" moe for me. Some people really like that type of stuff but that type of character is never moe for me.

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