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Incest is normal in Japanese ADVs (adult visual novels). It is indeed gross in real life, but in the realm of J-bishoujo visual novel, it's completely different, not only it gives players the novelty of breaking the taboo but also increase the love & bonding relationship between you (the "onii-chan") and your adorable & innocent younger sister, while enriching the various storyline aspects dealing with morality and responsibility in the psychology of the protagonist's mind. Unfortunately, when a visual novel is made into anime, lots of details concerning the feeling of the protagonist, have been omitted because the anime viewers watch the story in a third-person view, instead of the protagonist's view like in the ADV.

Again, I don't see why it should be a problem for this anime, giving the fact that the story of DC.II was first intended for a bishoujo h-game!?!
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