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Originally Posted by Fimbulvetr View Post
I have the privilege of having two sisters too, both younger, and all this incest in anime never creeped me out either. Being the brother of a sister doesn't mean living together with a cute female that just waits for you to sex her when she's finally old enough for it, it's about living with this annoyance from day one until the day either of you moves out.. The feelings that develop over time there are very far from romantic. Let me link you to the Westermarck effect for a more scientific view on that.
Heck, I have a younger sister as well (2 years younger in fact) and i dont feel any moe vibes when ever she calls me "onii chan" (said in our mother tongue which so happens to be chinese) - It rather feels like needles being stabbed into my the way she saids it XD
But even so, such relationships do happen but they are rare - maybe the gene for preventing blood siblings from going at each other is faulty

Anyway back on track...The relationship here isnt incest at is just one girl who feels like calling a guy "onii chan" just to get close to him

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