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There's a few doubt entries in my honest opinion here.. One must remember that this is a military theme, not girls(/guys) with guns. Thus it would be wise if peoples ensure that there are ways to show the theme (ie they are in some sort of militaristic uniform) and not dependable to only the guns their holding in respectively.

I leave the final decision to Solace tho.
I have to agree. I'm going to be picking through the thread and pointing out entries in a bit.

Edit. Ok, went through the thread. Arceons second signature (the girl with the gun) and zSolaris's entry do not qualify as military.

I know this is a difficult theme, but I see some potential ideas already that just need some polishing. Use your imaginations and put a spin on things! For those struggling with inspiration, remember that this DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TRADITIONAL MILITARY. It just has to LOOK Military. Evil Rick and CK have given a few images and there are links posted for some potential sources, and there's always Google!

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