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@ Everyone

Yay. I don't have to hide in a closet. At least, not in here. Why can't people in real life be as tolerant as people in the Internet?


I'll try to get to know them better, certainly, but I don't really think that telling them I'm lesbian by that time isn't such a good idea, since they may not be the type who tolerate different genders. If they're at least okay with me, then I guess I'll continue being friends with them. If not, then... Woosh! Bye bye, amigas.

And oh! One of my major crushes (let's call her K) was absent for almost a week! >.< She came back today, and I was planning to ask her how she was doing and all that, but I didn't get a chance to do so since we had a test during that class! Darn, why is it so hard to make new friends??? I guess socializing isn't one of my strong points. :/ ... T_T I am such a noooob...


Hmm.. You're trans, and lesbian? So you're a male to female, and you're a homosexual... Hmm... Wonder how that works, when you were a guy in the first place. Correct me if I'm wrong. Kinda confused here.

~Maki, The Child of Darkness

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