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Originally Posted by whitepearl View Post
+9000 if she has twintails.

Some girls are like that though...I remember this friend of mine would get so angry at me over little things, and usually at the flick of a switch.

She's since mellowed out a lot.
Oooh yeah, I also remember this girl back when I was about 12. You know, it's the period during our development where girls are actually larger and stronger than guys? Yup, she used that to good effect. Was a right terror chasing smaller guys and laying a smackdown on them for the smallest thing.

Originally Posted by Splitpersonality View Post
In news with me, just got home from a date with the girl, went great. The Vampire's Assistant has reaffirmed my enjoyment of Darren Shan as an author, and it gave me a bit of confidence with the girl, who I get to see a lot this week.

Sorry to post a positive thing in this thread, I feel kinda bad not having to come here for advice, but I feel like bragging :P
LOL. If I were to report what I did a couple of nights ago, now that would have been bragging.
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