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I would suggest what Radiantbeam about girls in terms of touching. When you have that bond going on, places it's socially acceptable to touch can be seen through body language. When a girl talks to you, she'll often point her legs towards you if she's interested, will touch you (remember grade school? when girls hit/touch you it's a good thing), or will get fidgetty -- keep brushing her hair, play with her keys, etc. This all sounds pretty obvious but it's pretty basic/easy signs to see if they are into you.

If you see some of these signs, their arm, slightly above the elbow is ok when you have to lean in to talk to them, if you're in a crowded and loud place for instance. Creates a small but important physical bond with the person. Plus no girl is going to yell at you for slightly touching her arm. As things progress, the small of their back is ok, (as if you were doing the waltz with them), and if you've made it this far, you'll probably be able to figure out on your own what's ok and what's not.

best of luck! ;3

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