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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
You answer so many of your own questions as you continue talking...
Yeah, I read through my post again and realized I didn't plan it out too well. Sorry for rambling .

He may have said he wanted to wipe away her tears, but he also had feelings for her for quite some time. And teenagers overreact.
I guess you're right, but I had a hard time reading his feelings at the very start of the series. Idk why, but I wasn't sure that Shin loved Hiromi at the time. I know teenagers overreact, but I thought that scene I mentioned was a bit overboard lol.

You are very perceptive. You're right on all counts.
Really? Wow... I just sort of threw that anology out there so I'm kind of glad that it didn't turn out to be way off lol.

She was timid. I wouldn't call that a key fault. It was one thing that attracted Shin to her - she was forward with the strange things (leaving seeds through the school) but timid about the normal things (recognizing feelings).
Fair enough, but it sure would have been advantageous had she have been able to recognize the feelings of others. She would have been a lot better off that way.

She had a rough life. Both her and Noe did. Which is one of the themes, "tears." But everything she did was realistic and had motive - and that goes for all characters here. That's one thing I loved about this, you can justify everything, nothing comes out of left field.
Oh I agree with you there. But even so her behavior at times kind of bugged me.

She was a bitch, lol. She let out her anger towards her husband & Hiromi's mother on Hiromi herself. She couldn't hate on the mother, so she hated on the daughter. It was good that they reconciled though.
I agree that it's good that they reconciled, but that didn't really change my opinion of the mother. She did earn some positive points at the end, but not nearly enough for me.

You've come to the right place. Welcome.
Why, thank you! I am liking it here so far.

Speaking of the festival earlier, I always wish Shin did that little chicken thing for Noe. She deserved that much.
I completely agree. But Shin was under the assumption that Noe wasn't there. And I don't think he saw her...
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