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Originally Posted by qwertyuiopz View Post
though i have to say i dont like hiromi :@
kinda funny how ppl develope to hate Hiromi or to like her :P
I've rarely seen anyone who "doesn't care" about her xD
either it's hate or love hahaha xD

well, yeah I kinda disliked her attitude and her actions in the ending, too

I liked Hiromi from the very beginning, where she was shy and were she had no courage at all

not becuz I like emos or something, but rather that these characteristics only applied to her if it comes to her "home" and private/love affairs.

in school she's a normal school girl.

I always thought that she was so adorable and that I would hold her hand the moment she would ask me hahaha xD

well, many ppl might see her development as a good thing, sure it's good when an anime character developes, but she developed the wrong way, later in the anime

she kinda became arrogant and toffee-nosed in the end, like telling Noe to backoff and then, in the end, rejecting Shin (or better said, trying to reject him)

that said, I outline that I like her, but that I didn't like her actions in the end :P so I kinda sympathy (just a bit) with u^^
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