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The Juubi was presented as an evil beast and the sage of the six paths was the savior.
But what if the reality is the contrary? The Juubi is actually a god and the sage stole the power of this god. and my wild guess would be that he used the treasured tools to trap Juubi.
It would explain why ninjutsu was impossible before the sage and we can have a proper ending for Kyuubi being merged with the other ones to be the god again.
Since the sage of the six paths hopes for the reuniting of the bijuus, we can really assume that the Juubi is not an evil beast. I still think it is a kind of God. The scene when some wood transforms into trees when in contact with Kurama's chakra makes me tend to think so.
I am not too sure about what the sage of the six paths did. Either did he something wrong that he wanted to be corrected or things could have happened differently. A fanfic would be that the Juubi went to a cycle of reincarnation and the sage helped it, but one of his sons betrayed him and the Juubi (certainly because his mother died and he was unhappy) avoiding the completeness of the reincarnation. It is up to Naruto to finalize the reincarnation cycle.
Regardless of this speculative theory I tend to believe that Tobi is one of Sage's sons.

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