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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
I was being somewhat sarcastic as I already know why Yozara gets singled out. Mainly by Sena shippers wanting to stomp a mud hole into her while putting Sena on a pedestal. Nothing wrong with that I suppose...
I knew you were and I agree with that completely. The whole love-sena-hate-yozora vibe is what made me want to post in the first place and I actually stripped out some of what I'd written regarding that because I wanted my first post here to be more neutral.

I have no problem with people hating character X because they like character Y though — I just prefer it when the people themselves realise where that sentiment is coming from and acknowledge it.

Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
^ The problem with that analysis is that the movie/frame is controlled by the author, and the reader/audience sees what the author wants them to see. The author can shift the focus to certain aspects of each character and magnify or downplay them according to what he is trying to portray. As such, character analysis should primarily be focused on what is actually shown to us in the novels, and if the readers end up something that the author isn't trying to portray, then that suggests that the writing is at fault.

Having said that, I agree that the characters' flaws are not equally being shown, but for a slightly different reason. I would argue that the reason for this is that the novel series is still ongoing, and it is common in light novel series to have character-centric books along the way. Yozora's time simply has not come yet.

I also agree with focus being controlled by author intentionally, what your saying doesn't disprove what I said and I am not disproving what you are saying - the amount of focus the author can give to keep a story thematically and theatrically tight is limited (hence artificial methods like focusing on a character per volume of LNs as you say).

My original point wasn't that Yozora isn't getting what she deserves in terms of focus (because I also think that she won't get her own focused volumes until closer to the end - her & Kodaka's resolution will effectively end the story - someone earlier made reference to an analysis of Ichigo 100% as an example)

- my point was that the current focusing so far has referenced at the flaws in other characters and shown them briefly at times but you dont get to see the full scale of their flaws because they are occurring in places unseen. Anyways the original question was why does Yozora get pulled up for stuff and my answer was everyone was meant to be equally bad but some people's isn't on camera as much as Yozora's is so perception of her ends up being worse.

As Johnny above notes the Sena-centric crowd seem particularly likely to latch on to that -

I dont think you and I are actually disagreeing though.

lol "someone earlier made reference" ==> as pointed out it was actually frivolity who actually posted this (I should have checked)

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