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Originally Posted by mironicus View Post
Only Yozora's flaws are moving the story and will end it.

The character flaws of all the others are merely just entertaining and are not important for the story. Sena, Yukimura, Rika, Maria, Kobato and Kodaka are harmless. They don't have such serious problems they can't come over with if they are in a group.
I see and I agree.
To honest I read everything that was posted on this page and I found myself agreeing with everybody on many points.

The thing I want to know is what does Yozora wants I just do get her sometimes.
I get the feeling there more to her then just the fact that Kodoka left with out saying goodbye or the thing with the cat they found and befriended.

Do you guys think that her problems come from family issues. Like her parents?
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