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Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
Lol, I was the one who quoted the Ichigo 100% analysis

As an aside, given what you've said, which do you think is Sena's real self? The mighty one that she normally behaves with everyone else, or the one that she only shows Kodaka and the rest of the Neighbours Club?
lol - chalk that up to me not going back to look, sorry - but thanks for reposting that. Its been a while since I'd thought about I-100% and now i'm older and look back on it in a commercial context - the path certain characters take and how they end up makes more sense.

I dont think anything about Sena or the other characters is fake. I believe good writing will show personalities that are complex and layered - so I think all their actions are valid parts of expressing who they are and how they deal with the world around them. For the Neighbours Club group this will be expressed as a combination of the initial circumstances (that separated them from normal people), their struggles and failures to reintegrate, and whatever coping mechanisms they have ended up with to compensate.

Would be interesting to explore that for each character but meh, another time.

BTW, when I mentioned moe fake "flaws" earlier I didn't mean they were false on her part I meant that they weren't flaws that target demographic audience would perceive in a negative way

(e.g. how many people who stay up late to watch anime, buy expensive blu-rays / merchandise and are cross invested in mix media projects like Haganai would actually view playing galge/eroge and obsessing over lolis in a negative light - I'm willing to bet thats a Venn diagram with a small overlap if Sena's fandom is any indication...)
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