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Releaving that Juubi was a god was kind of lackluster. I already exposed this idea a long time ago, but the way it was done with Kyuubi knowing only partially about it does not make it very clear yet.

The extension of my idea was that Juubi was being reincarnated itself. Still from that chapter I may think that the reincarnation of Juubi would reset the world as well or maybe the So6P or someone else was thinking of that and stopped the reincarnation.

It may be too early to speak about it, because there are still elements to be discovered before reaching this point, if it ever happens, but I don't understand, if the So6P chose the youngest disciple that was favoring love, why the world is not in harmony. With all the support of such an omnipotent person the youngest disciple should have succeeded and not failed.
Did he fail because he could not give up on his brother and took a bad decision?
To revive the Juubi you need all the Bijuus, but I suspect you need Senju power and also Uchiha power, so will it be for Naruto to choose between reviving the Juubi and sacrificing Sasuke or saving Sasuke and failing the mission the So6P was talking about (chap 572) ?
If so, he may choose a third way.
It seems to me there is someone missing to explain what the mission of the So6P is. Will it be Tobi himself? Or the one Sasuke wants to meet?

To speculate more about the youngest disciple, passing from love to despair because of the issue with his brother, he could be actually the Tobi we know now
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