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Just to illuminate to our non-USA posters that tricky minefield of "state's rights" versus federal domain, several states are challenging the DOMA (the misnamed "Defense of Marriage Act") that Congress passed as unconstitutional in that the regulation of marriage is a state's domain. They assert the federal law is illegal basically.

In jurisprudence, normally the federals set the minimum standards to protect the rights of citizens and the state may exceed them. The feds telling state's to restrict rights? Well, several states are calling bullshit on it legally.
I loled when Kluwe, a reference in the article was quoted :

......they won't come into your house and steal your children.....
Really, for a moment I thought when passing DOMA would rescind any laws imposing minimum age of marriage. Apparently it is just another useless law thay forcibly enforces male-female marriage only.

Same-sex marriage is not widespread enough to cause some major damage to the morality of society or survival of human species, why the need for such laws anyway?

Since the Big Religion that was fostering and pushing this through the legal system, shouldn't they, with their business acumen shown being able to milk millions from thier followers, sweeten the deal and make marriage as tradtional as possible, complete with marriage sacks, bethrohals and bride buying regardless of age?

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