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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Jonathan Joestar from Jojo's bizarre adventures airing right now, probably his grandson Joseph Joestar as well.
Yup. Jonathan Joestar, the gentleman's gentleman. Even Speedwagon is moved!

Not only does he not go for all of the list, but he actually inverts all of them!

1. Have a ridiculously sob backstory? Nope, JoJo is rich, and has a kind father. Everything was good... until Dio appeared. DIO!!!!!!
2. Ditch your moral values and become like the honey badger who doesn't give a crap. Nope. Jojo would never even think about it.
3. Ditch your friends, because they can't help you, and could even be an obstacle to you. Jojo ditch his friends? Did he ditch Speedwagon? He did not.
4. Go on a quest for UNLIMITED POWER! Ehh? Jojo had unlimited power and immortality in his grasp, but it was evil. Did Jojo hesitate? Nope. Speedwagon, sledgehammer that thing!
5. Become so overpowered that not even the final villain can TOUCH YOU. Heh... Heh... Heh... Nah, not Jojo. Wish that was the case.
6. If the final villain somehow overpowers you, know that the Deus Ex Machina is still out there to save you, if you're lucky. No. No. A Jojo with luck? And Jonathan was the least lucky of them all.
7. ???
8. PROFIT! Nope, no profit for Jojo. Just the eternal responsibility for your bloodline to fight the forces of evil. Oh... and it doesn't pay well either.

Truthfully, I can't think of many MC that fit your list. Most are pretty good.

For example:

Touma from A Certain Magical Index
Hayate, the Combat Butler
Taichi Yaegashi from Kokoro Connect (He's such a White Knight, he kicked himself in his own balls to help a girl out.)
Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates. You'd think if anyone would be a dark MC it'd be a pirate, but no, Marika is a pretty straight privateer.
Koyomi Araragi from Bakemonogatari
Shichika from Katanagatari
Satou in Ben-To
Daikichi from Bunny Drop
Okumura Rin from Blue Exorcist

The only one I can think of that fits your list is Kanba from Penguindrum. But even in Penguindrum he is offset by Shouma who is the opposite.

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