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Sad shocking: Years ago, we got news that my cousin, who was a young child at the time, had a brain tumor. Turned out that the shock wasn't as warranted because it was able to be removed safely and she is fine, but before we had all the information, it was tough to take.

Oh-shit shocking: When I was 17 my friends and I trespassed onto an abandoned house in the middle of some decently thick woods in my hometown. We were going to drink and hang out, pretty stupid really, but we thought we were cool at the time. We had just gotten there and hadn't done anything yet, when suddenly, a helicopter flew really, really low directly over our heads, then circled back and beamed a light on us. We bolted into my car, and I sped out of that dirt driveway as fast as I could. There was a police vehicle right on my tail as soon as I pulled out of the property, but I was so pumped up on adrenaline I decided to try my luck at fleeing the scene. He didn't put his lights on at first for some reason, so I watched as he followed me, and once I got near the street I lived on I floored it and lost him for just long enough to pull into my garage and out of sight... We were being stupid looking back on it, but when I remember it I still have a crazy adrenaline rush... and I still don't know why they were having a helicopter fly rounds over an abandoned house...?
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