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Another shocking moment was when I was skiing. I'm not good at skiing so I stupidly tried to make a sharp turn around a bend without slowing down, I was going really fast I should add. One sky decided to twist inward and find itself caught under the other one. Anyone who has been skiing before can probably picture this. My right foot twisted inward with the ski as it got caught under the left one, thus rotating by body. The sudden force of the de-acceleration and loss of control snapped the ski off my foot while catapulting me into the air. In the moment it was pretty fun, I did a few air flips. I knew enough to not tense my body and "go with the flow" as I rag-dolled my way though the air, landing with a thud flat on my back.

I must have flown pretty high and landed pretty hard because even though I made the effort to get up as soon as I could gather myself together, people stopped to ask if I was alright and they looked rather shocked that I was fine. I was just shaken up. I wasn't in any pain surprisingly enough. I managed to reattach my ski and made my way down the rest of the hill.
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