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Oh well, I want to say something about Fate/Zero because I just need to.

I already watched Fate/Stay Night when I saw Fate/Zero and I really feel like those two series don’t really come well together. The first show is entertaining but by the first half does a mediocre job with all the elements, characters and back-story that the thing should use. The story goes in a predictable way, we all knew who was going to win the Holy Grail and when give a nice twist by the end the overall impression was good but nothing really spectacular or out of the typical shonen formula. Not to mention Shirou Emiya in that story is one of the weirdest and stupidest protagonist I have ever seen. And yes I have play the actual game, is just a little better there.

Fate/Zero on the other hand is just a lot much better. Does a good job of picture the scene of a battle royal to the death between the seven teams of Masters and Servants and while some characters did get a lot of screen time and focus over others, each one of them was made really well. Combine good characters with a clear setting that has them working towards a goal while still manage to deliver some intricate setting and rules without confusing you too much, and you have a good anime in your hands.

The story is more mature than the one in Fate/Stay Night. Characters act smart and move toward to get their goals without just sitting around and wait for the other villains to get over so they can jump in the scene. Everything here fits a good spot and while some Servants like Rider really steal the show when they are on camera almost all characters have a good presentation. Except for Assassin which I still consider the Servant that gets more the shaft in all the Fate stories I read so far. Yes even more than Lancer.

Overall Fate/Zero has been one of my favorite series of all time if then introduce some plot elements that are never explore on its “sequel” and the ending was kind of a letdown because I already knew what was going to happen. Also the fact that some Masters and Servants just die in a miserable way doesn’t help it much. But is good, well made, full of action, brains and soul that should never be ignored. I give the series a 9
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