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My impression is that Yakomaru has taken "the ends justify the means" to such an extreme that he is now essentially amoral. In other words, Yakomaru is willing to do anything, no matter how morally disturbing or outrageous, in order to accomplish his goals. It's understandable for a person with even just basic moral values to consider Yakomaru an asshole.

For Kiroumaru to be a good antithesis to Yakomaru, I wanted him to be someone who would refuse to cross certain lines. One such line is stabbing those in the back that had every reason to consider Kiroumaru a loyal ally (and Kiroumaru himself gave them those reasons). And yet, Kiroumaru's searching of a WMD, and his words about his tribe becoming the dominant species on the planet, does at least raise the question of "Was Kiroumaru willing to stab humanity in the back?" If he was, then the differences between Kiroumaru and Yakomaru become much murkier, imo.

Still, as you point out, Kiroumaru does seem to value the notion of "paying back debts", which is of some value at least. Yes, it's more than what can be said about Yakomaru. But I myself liked the conception of Kiroumaru as this straight-shooting man of his word who would never betray his allies, and hence he is the complete antithesis to the silver-tongued manipulator Yakomaru. But that conception of Kiroumaru takes a real hit if he was willing to sneak attack humanity with a WMD.
He had been constantly waring with other bakenezumi colonies for supremacy already. And in his confession to Saki and Satoru he also said
Spoiler for in the novel:
I think if he were like a bakenezumi you wanted him to be, I think he would be a true moron or someone who looks nice to you but hated by his own country people. I mean as he is a general and a politician as well, he has to be very pragmatic whether he is noble or not and at least to some degree has to be a machiavellian. I think you can compare Kiroumaru, say, to a noble king of Sparta whereas Yakomaru to a demagogue or Pericles of Athens. They were as rigorous and ruthless as the bakenezumi are and maybe look alike for people of other part of the world or different era, but what they seek and value as a politician and citizen is very different.

As the viewers have already realized, the main theme of the plot is the relation between the humans and bakenezumi, and its development. So that describing, whenever given the opportunities, bakenezumi's society, civilization and their thoughts and mentalities was as important as describing the human's to give the viewers insights into them, but unfortunately it was abbreviated or omitted in many cases in this anime. For example, when Kiroumaru proposed Saki and Satoru to play a decoy for him, it was like a diatribe or pep talk and very acrimonious, especially to Satoru, and in the conversation Satoru was as if he was an unsatisfied customer, but in the anime it was like "Yes, Kiroumaru, you are right. I was wrong. I accept it." And in the childhood arc when Squealer had run out on Saki and excused himself for it to Saki, he explained himself so brilliantly that in the end all Saki could do was, even though she was as angry as she was, just grumbling in low voice. And I think the anime failed to convey how advanced and resourceful the bakenezumi's civilization already were at the time of the tsuchigumo war.

I hope in the next episode, the Tokyo expedition ends in the first 5 minitues and the rest is used for the aftermath of the rebellion (and what happened while Saki was in Tokyo), it seems there are so many things left to be told. I also hope the anime ends with "Going Home" playing as the anime started with it.

And on another note, as for the psychokinesis in the story, I think it was explained that it can do whatever thing to matters as long as you can properly "image" it. I think if psychokinesis really exists, it's nothing short of magic. Is it a kind of EMF or gravity? Or it's something which has little thing in common with any kind of known force? I liked the idea that you have to learn and practice to use the psychokinesis properly and the applications of the ability is very specialized in that things like breaking, crushing and burning can be done as soon as you get the ability but you have to practice hard just to fly yourself. Anyway, it didn't break my shield of suspense of belief except when Inui recharged the false minoshiro. It might very well be easy to make a electric current, make a moving EMF or disparity in electron distribution, but an electric circuit can be easily broken if you apply a wrong voltage to it.... Speaking of suspension of disbelief, aside from some physics lessons given in the novel (the author seems to be not educated in the science at his university), the biggest thing which broke my suspension of disbelief is the psykobuster, it's a McGuffin after all, but I think even a homemade IED, I think which can be easily made from farm or home chemicals, would do a much better job than the psykobuster. Bury them in some strategic places, if you get the report of sighting of the akki, order someone who knows nothing or an animal like nekodamashi to push a button to detonate the bomb....

And lastly, since nobody accuses Saki, I have to. Saki, you were entrusted the whole future of the village and still you did that? It's really disappointing thing for a one once deemed as a future village leader to have done. Regret what you have done in your grave and apologize to the maggots.
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