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This is why it would have been good for this final episode to give Akane something, almost anything, to demonstrate that maybe her way really is the best way, and that Sibyl can be moderated from within. But we don't see that at all. In fact, we see the contrary. We see how little has changed.
You honestly forgot how ruthlessly she negotiated for Kougami not to get disposed of if she brought Makishima in alive? Didn't that demonstrate that Sibyl can be reasoned with? Didn't that demonstrate how you can apply political pressure successfully if the situation doesn't favor the ruling party? Please, go ahead, try and discredit that.

As for how little has changed, OF COURSE THERE WAS VERY LITTLE CHANGE, IF ANY. That's what change is - slow, and painful for the crusaders. In real life, there are far too many forces and interests at play in constant struggle. Real change is all about making compromises and advancing forward inch by inch, taking bold action when an opportunity actually presents itself, and fortifying position when circumstances look unfavorable.


Yes, they wanted to bring stability back for its own sake. Sybil is hardly the only road to stability though.
LOL, okay.

My impression is that you think the Japanese people of Sibyl Japan are passionately attached to Sibyl and love it with all their heart.
Not passionately, but strange as it sounds, Sibyl gives meaning to their lives. This is what Makishima was talking about in episode 21, that people have no communities left to turn to as a base for their own selves, they rely on Sibyl for that, which is like a framework for their existence. I know this is pretty far off into the world of metaphysics, but there you have it. Urobuchi Gen.

If you point to a defensible alternative to Sybil, I think you could win them over.
I'm quite certain that's possible, but you can't force that change over night. I think that's also the reason why so many revolutions fail or descend into madness - because people just aren't ready for change yet. Society made a peaceful transition to Sibyl, as far as we know, so society had to be ready for a change as drastic they believed would be replacing egotistical humans with an artificial system administrator. This required a certain state of mind. If we believe that their society was once just like ours, then we can speculate this change was gradual, probably lasting a couple of decades before Japan's new Sheriff was firmly decided on. People switched over to Sibyl for a reason. What that reason was is anyone's guess, but I think Urobuchi wants us to look for clues in our own society.

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