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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
You know what's more creepy about Gasper is that whenever I looked at him he reminds me of myself when I was the age of three or four-years-old, and I had a similar hairstyle like his.

When my maternal grandmother saw me with such a hairstyle she immediately screamed at my mother telling her, "GO AND CUT OFF HIS HAIR!! HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!! My mother immediately complied, and cut off my hair short just like the rest of other little boys'.

I know this because my mother told me that family anecdote when I was a very older child, plus I saw through many times my family albums' pictures a particular photo of myself around that tender age showing me having that girly-like, haircut.

The only difference with Gapser is that ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY NEVER EVER I was a trap (or developed such thing as cross-dressing) in my entire childhood (and in my entire life either).
If I did, my mother would have beaten the s*** out of me, my grandmother would have forever, ever stopped addressing a word to my mother, my aunts would have definitely spread rumors and gossiping behind my mother's back, and not forgetting that boys in elementary would have mercilessly teased, bullied, and crushed me to no end; and, most likely, most girls back in elementary school would have found me either creepy or funny in the context of mocking me.
Sooooo your saying you are half vampire and your able to stop time? :P
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