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Originally Posted by GarBhaD
I asked for solutions, not your opinion. :fingers:
Your opinion is uninformed.

Oh, and more options can be a bad thing. Why do you think there's people who prefers Winamp v2 instead of v3???
Why do you think people prefer Winamp 5 to Winamp 2? Because it gives you the option to work minimally like 2 or use the advanced iTunes-like features of 3 (only no longer broken).

More options means more space in hdd and more resources wasted = less performance.
Yeah, all those options bloating up ffdshow so much that it takes up nearly and entire megabyte of HD space! The Horror!

If anyone cares, I finally tried ffdshow and the file now plays correctly
There you go

, but I still think this is quite annoying: why a different filter works better than the one the creators of the codec made?? Who is at fault: programmers or encoders??
You could consider the XviD programmers to be at fault, perhaps, but they never claimed to provide the best decoder anyway. Theirs is a proof of concept at best. As for Triad, oh no, they're using the latest encoder version to produce the best quality at the smallest file size! How dare they!

And the overlay control doesn't work correctly (and yes, I enabled the "overlay mixer" option).
Overlay should be handled by your media player.

The quality seems okay, though. (I wonder which version tried last time... )
You do realize that the ffmpeg crew make the highest quality and most efficient (least computer power required) decoders around, right? That's the entire purpose of the ffmpeg project. It's the same decoding engine that has been used in MPlayer on Linux for years.

Well, another addition to my already big list of essential filters, just what I needed :P
Except ffmpeg decodes a whole bunch of formats, so it actually *lessens* the amount of filters you need.

Seriously, ffdshow + Media Player Classic (with it's built-in filters) can decode nearly everything, all under 2MB worth of downloads.
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