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Well, I just finished watching episode 3 of Cosprayers and I came to the realization that I should do posts similar to my musings posts for Ultra Maniac. We'll see how it goes! If you don't want to see any spoilers, then you need to SKIP my post as it WILL contain spoilers. Consider yourself warned!

Today's Rating:

1) In this episode, we delve deeper into Scarlet's life as we see some of her memories with Crus. We also find out that Priscilla is invulnerable.

2) A couple of things don't quite add up in Priscilla's battle. Was Priscilla actually in danger when she was hanging in the giant hole? If she wasn't in trouble, why in Inusuke come to save her? If she wasn't in trouble, why couldn't the monster thing just do the attack a second time and kill her off?

3) Who or WHAT is Crus? Was he a Cosprayer was well? If he was a cosprayer, did he wear the male equivalent of what the girls wear before they transform? Would that be a speedo?

4) Why doesn't Koto just SAY that she found the Charm Up watch thingy on the ground?

5) If someone has to be "chosen" to become a Cosprayer, how come Koto was able to just pick up the watch and become one?

6) WHOSE funky Charm Up watch thingy was that anyway? If the person that the watch belonged to was chosen, how come he/she disappeared with everybody else on the earth?

7) Why the F%#$ are all of the monsters just different parts of the human anatomy? So far we have:

Giant Arm
Giant Nose
Giant Ear
Giant Fingers
Giant Eyeball

What's next? I just hope it's not a giant you-know-what!

8) Whatever happened to Koto calling Scarlet "Mistress"?
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