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Originally Posted by Black Jaggan
Sasuke: Hey you Neji!! Always told you my Sharingan was way cooler!

Neji *with red eyes*: You wish Uchiha.....

Sasuke: what's up with the eyes then?

Neji: *cough*gotsunburned*cough*

Sasuke * bursts out in very high pitched laughter*
Neji needs those Byakugan Visine eyedrops!

Proven for red, itchy, sunburned eyes! And adds maximum popping eye veins!
Now that's secksay!!

Hinata Here you go Naruto! *throws ring at him* It's OVER!

Naruto Nani??! But but what did I do??

Hinata Don't play innocent! I saw you and Sakura down by the pool last night! All huddled together! How could you!? I loved you!!

Naruto But I wasn't doing anything to Sakura! Honest!

Hinata Liar! I used my byakugan and saw that black hair! So gross Naruto!!

Naruto OH!! Yeah now I remember!

Hinata I hate you! You can forget about being Hokage because I'm going to kick your ass!

Naruto But that wasn't Sakura's hair.

Hinata oh yeah! Then who's was it?!

Naruto Have you noticed that Sasuke has been missing for awhile?

Hinata Well of course isn't he with Orochimaru?

Naruto That's what everyone thinks! But I got rid of Sasuke! I was tired of the best clan rivalry and Sasuke was just pissing me off! Sakura was trying to stop me but I got rid of that bitch too!

Hinata mean?

Naruto Yup I did it just for you baby!

Hinata Oh Naruto! Can you forgive me? *hugs*


Ok this one sucked, but I'm just so HAPPY!

Edit Holy crap! All these new posts in a few minutes! Way to go ppl! Keep it up!
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