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Finally got around to watching it.

It was kind of lame, but nowhere as lame as I would have expected. There were a few blog posts that had me primed for it being really bad, but the final result is that the episode is more inoffensive than anything else. The VAs did a great job and though you could tell that the art and animation were somewhat subpar compared to a professional studio, they did try, and it deserves a passing score on that front.

Aya's by far the most hilarious of the bunch because her personality was captured really well. Marisa was a bit more reserved than I'd expected though. Oh yes, and the plot. Well, it's a generally silly Touhou-style plot that promises interesting events down the line and hopefully more mahou shoujo smackdowns, but obviously they couldn't go into it given the time constraints in a single episode. As such, this episode's highlights were mostly spellcard fanservice as well as a few attacks taken from the fighting games. The ranged attacks weren't as pretty as Nanoha's magic circles, but still, a passable effort nonetheless.

The fact that it's planned to be more than one episode was a surprise though and I look forwards to seeing what they come up with in the next installments.
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