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when i first heard about this series i was a little skeptical i had never heard of the game before and really didnt know too much about it. Well after watching 2 episodes i am in love with it. I think this is the series i have been waiting for. The opening theme is great and i cant help but to sing along with my limited japanese skills of course. I the charcters and animation is beautiful and Aruruu is so cute it hurts (Tail grab scene). In the opening scene there looks like there is so intense fighting going on looked really cool. I definetly going to add this to my favorite series list so far.

I do have a couple of questions why did the grandmother give An-Chan that the name of the father it seems like a real honor to recieve the name of someones child? Do he remeind her of him?
Can anyone tell me about the game and where i might find it also is there a manga and how is it compared to the anime so far. thanks everyone
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